How to make a change into a success

How to make a change into a success

Making a change can be a sometimes daunting whether it’s undergoing a leadership development course or even making alterations to your home.

The differences in changes can be immense, but they each have a similarity by bringing up the issues of a break in routine.

This can cause anxiety and stress because there can be a feeling of the whole world being turned upside down even if the change is small. It is more likely that the worry is deepened by whether the change is one of our own making or not.

The idea that you are not in control of what is happening in your life is a serious issue and it can be exacerbated by an unexpected or unplanned change.

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Knowing the past and the future

With change comes the chance of feeling upheaval, especially if you have not reconciled the past. 

If you have been caught in a stressful situation before or found a particular change to be overwhelming before than you may inadvertently revert to that reaction again. 

This can arise in a variety of situations such as a change of job, a breakup of a relationship or moving house. 

Some people need to feel in control of as many facets of their life as possible. This might extend to how and where the furniture is placed or the look of the garden. Anything that doesn’t fit that person’s idea of being in the right place or if something in the arrangement or decoration of a space has changed can be disconcerting.

One of the keys to avoid falling into the trap of disliking change is to better prepare for it. There is no real possibility to avoid change but that change can be a road to a new opportunity and greater success.

Example of positive change

There can be many ways to make a change and reach a successful outcome.

With the case of changing jobs or career, there are a number of workshops and courses that can help make the transition both possible and run smoothly.

Some may involve specialised techniques such as DISC profiling that gives you a clear breakdown of your personality and what matters to you. This can help you see and decide on the appropriate roles that utilise your skills and your deeper interests.

This profiling is useful even with current employees and work teams. It can lead to greater cohesion and to instil the ideas of collective goals.

With a real ‘buy-in’ from the staff, the changes that are made can be a success on both a personal and overall business level.

Change in the home

With a change in career or employment, there is the added stress about being able to balance the financial needs with the long-term future. 

Constant change in employment can be extremely unsettling especially with the added uncertainty of being able to ‘pay the bills.’

When it comes to the home, changes you make are not always as heavy with worry or stress. 

In the case of a renovation or remodelling of the home, there can be both an economic and mental stress if the costs and timeline get blown out.

Making smaller changes such as updating the décor and outdoor furniture can be easy but make for a significant improvement. 

Adding a quality deck sealer to the appropriate outdoor area can make all the difference and with the application of a high-grade merbau stain can bring a whole new look without a great expense.

By rearranging the furniture and decorative effects, a space can have a brand-new feel and even give the appearance of a complete makeover.

Change as a reward for your efforts

After making a change in your life, it is important that you take the time to allow the effects of that change to settle. 

There can be inevitable ups and downs following making changes. Some people experience a delayed stress that comes after they have made a decision.

The rewards for choosing a new path or taking a new approach can be rewarding even if the outcome at first is not the ideal you were after.

It is not always possible to be sitting back with a cigar that has just been taken out of its special humidification pouch and smugly think how clever you have been. 

Before you take that path and purchase a high-quality humidor Australia has on offer, you need to be sure that the change you are making has been planned as well as possible.

To make changes – especially those that involve your living arrangements and financial security – it pays to get professional advice.

If that is not an option, then talking things through with a trusted friend or family member who can provide honest feedback can be invaluable.

As a human trait, it is perfectly normal to be hesitant about change and to feel a certain amount of anxiety in leaving our comfort zone.

There is, however, a danger in safety when it leads you into a state of avoidance. 

With an idea of the obstacles to making a change and knowing the ways to overcome them, you can have a clearer path to your own success.

The ways to move ahead

Understanding that you will have a certain amount of fear in any change and that there may even be changes that are not of your making, can give you a grounding to help you deal with things.

If you are wanting to make any changes to your life, then there is a simple checklist that you can follow to help you on the journey. These include:

  1. Being as prepared as possible
  2. Asking yourself if you are ready for the change
  3. Outlining the pros and cons of changing
  4. Reminding yourself why you are making that change (as reassurance)
  5. Rewarding yourself when you do make a change
  6. Using that momentum for future efforts in following your dreams

Few people find change an easy process. Some will need to make small changes at first in order to build up to those of more significance.

The point is that the real success is how you deal and react to change. Being true to yourself is often the hardest but most rewarding step you can take.

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