Some simple and effective home improvements

Some simple and effective home improvements

When it comes to the home, you spend more time there than you may realise. It’s your castle, your haven and your special place that suits your way of living and your personality and taste.

Sometimes we want a little more and can see how and where improvements can be made to that home.

This urge became more apparent and popular during the recent Covid lockdowns. People spent a large part of their time within their own four walls and began to notice things that weren’t quite right or needed to be fixed. Sometimes it was the realisation that a particular improvement should be higher on the To Do list.

What was often missed or remained unseen during the normal rush to get to work or to make dinners after the working day were now more obvious than ever. 

It could’ve been anything from changing the handles on cupboards, repainting a room or giving outdoor furniture a special timber oil treatment. 

Sometimes I was wondering if that small luxury like a coffee from a brand new Rocket Espresso coffee machine might be the perfect way to start the day. 

Starting simple with improvements

There is a tendency with some people to look at making small changes to their home, but those small changes can soon become an almost complete home renovation.

That is why it always helps to be as strict with yourself and your needs before things get out of hand.

When you are thinking of home improvements it is always best to make a list and, if possible, put those items in order of priority. 

Does a new aluminium cladding take preference over repairing the refrigerator? Is it better to re-tile the shower or add a new front gate? 

Working out the priority and the cost-effectiveness of each improvement to the home will help you see where your money is best spent and where you time is most effectively devoted.

A clean and fresh start

One of the most efficient and effective improvements to your home can be a thorough clean of each and every room. Clearing out cupboards to clean them allows you to take stock of all the things that you have.

This is when questions arise such as:

  • When did I last wear that piece of clothing?
  • Is that food item past it’s use by date?
  • Will I ever use that bulky bread making machine?
  • Why are we keeping those old things in the back of a wardrobe?

Being able to say goodbye to a large portion of items can free up a huge amount of space and allow you to rework the way things are stored. 

This can be a liberating experience and allow you to focus on the things that really matter to you. 

Having three of the same jacket you don’t really wear, pairs of shoes that don’t fit anymore or are too worn, books that you won’t read and even garden items stuck around the side of the house can all be gotten rid of. 

Once those distracting and cluttering things are out of the way, you can see where things should and could go with a better order and a chance to add what you need and want.

Effective changes

Another way to make effective changes is to rework what you already have before you add something new to the mix. 

Furniture is one of the most often ignored things in your home.

A clean and polish to your chairs and tables can bring them back to life and will allow you to find anything that needs repair such as a tightening of screws or reupholstering.

Once you have tackled all of your indoor furniture, it is time to turn your attention to the outdoors.

If you have decking or a pergola and notice that your furniture is no longer up to scratch through weathering and general wear and tear, now is the time to make a simple improvement.

Choosing the best decking oil for merbau timber will bring out all the character and charms of the wood. This approach can be made to any timber battens or other woodwork you have throughout your home.

One you have upgraded the structural timber it could be time to think of eco outdoor furniture in a style that suits your taste and your budget. These are all quite simple changes that add value and style to your home.

A simple sense of style 

With your home being your haven, there is one particular item that seems to signify your style and your sense of self.

This is the furniture in your living or lounge room. For whatever reason, the sofa or couch has an almost regal hold over the rest of the room and the house itself.

Replacing your prime piece of furniture is simple and can bring out all the different characters of styling that you have in the rest of your décor. 

Choosing something with a quality and individuality such as one of the latest range in Molmic sofas is a powerful way to showcase your sense of style.

Comfort, design and character all come together in your choice of sofa. 

Often it can bring your home the wow factor that you have always craved.

Why simple is best

Remembering to keep to your prioritised list of home improvements and to keep to the budget you have allocated to complete that list is a recipe for success.

Starting small and simple is almost always the most profound way to see and invoke the special changes that you want for the place you call home.

There is no need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to rework your home into something spectacular. The more time you spend on making decisions and those tough choices on what is important to you. 

Having the home that you love to live in is actually closer than you might realise. It’s all about making things work for your space and your style. Before you know it, those small improvements can make for a huge change.

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